Hello and thank you for visiting my Creative Outlet.  I am Olga.

I spent last 20 years working as a programmer, but art and creativity kept “bubbling” up in my life in many different forms  – admiring nature during long hikes and kayaking trips, painting, nature and birds photography, sculpting in clay, knitting, needle felting, pottery. I tried a lot of arts and crafts and put most of them on hold until I took a local jewelry making class out of curiosity and it happened to be a “love from the first sight”.

I noticed that my technical background makes it easy to learn many manufacturing aspects of this art (forging, riveting, soldering, etching, cutting) while my “internal artist” is excited about transforming my design ideas into a wearable beautiful art objects.

I used to be on a search for “my” handmade jewelry and I know that special feeling when you find a piece that resonates with you and makes you look at it again and again, you keep feeling it on your skin and it just makes you feel happier .

I  hope my creations will find their own (destined) people and may be even become their talismans or just brighten their day and make them look even more beautiful.

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